All The Skin Concerns You Should Be Addressing As You Grow Older

With environmental hazards and our unhealthy lifestyles, our skin and our body is at a higher risk of suffering a bunch of ailments. This is why, it’s important to keep our beauty regimen in check. Whether you’re 23 or 48, your skin will have its own set of concerns to address, and your beauty regimen must be tailor-made to deal with the problems you’re facing at that time. Therefore, to make it slightly easier to get things started, here are some skin concerns that you should pay attention to as you grow older.


Roaring 20s

Your 20s are when your skin starts to take a beating, whether it’s because of your late nights, or spending too much time in the sun, or various make-up experiments. Start taking care of your skin during this age to prevent signs of aging in the future. Most importantly, get yourself a sunscreen and moisturiser combo that works for you, an effective (but non-drying) cleanser. And don’t forget to take off your make-up before you call it a day!


Flirty 30s

Your 30s are unfortunately going to see the onset of drier skin, fine lines, pigmentation, and tiredness. This means that it’s time to amp up your beauty arsenal. Exfoliation should become your new best friend. Continue with your sunscreen habit, and add products with retinol and hyaluronic acid to your regimen. Retinol helps with your skin’s collagen production, while hyaluronic acid is hydration booster.


Hottie 40s

Your 40s are like your 30s, but worse. All kinds of lines will start to make an appearance, and they won’t go away as easily as they used to. Plus, your skin will start to lose its elasticity, and it’s going to show. But before you have a massive freak out, you can tackle these things. SPF is a must, and hydrating products should be kept handy at all times. Find the eye cream that suits you best, plus step up the collagen production even more with peptide-based products.


Fancy 50s

Saggy skin, fine lips, crow’s feet, pigmentation, dark spots, and extreme dryness wait to greet you in your 50s. The appearance of your face and neck will also start to change, owing to the loss in elasticity. So, in your 50s, you build up on the regimen you’ve already established for yourself so far. Get yourself some facial oils for moisture, and vitamin C and glycolic acid products, for skin protection and renewal, respectively.

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