VIDEO: Asanas to prep you for a headstand

You may have tried to do a headstand a hundred times and still can’t stay balanced for more than a second. Or worse, you haven’t even tried it because you are too intimidated by its very idea. Relatable? Here is help.

The three main components for a headstand are: strength, balance, and elimination of fear. Here is a sequence of poses that can help you achieve these three things so that the headstand is less daunting and more approachable.

To do a critical pose like headstand, you need to make sure you have thoroughly warmed up your shoulders and core.

Manisha Kohil from The Yoga Chakra show yoga asanas which can help you to get into a headstand.

Benefits of headstand: Improves circulation, tones your body, creates mental clarity, relieves stress, increases focus, improves digestion and strengthens your shoulders and arms.

Downward dog (Adho mukhasvana)

Benefit: This asana strengthens your ankles, hands, wrists, lower back, calves; lengthens and straightens your legs and clears stiffness in your shoulders.

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