Vitamin D Diet: Have Vitamin D-Rich Breakfast With These Meals For Healthy Bones And Teeth

Vitamin D Diet: Have Vitamin D-Rich Breakfast With These Meals For Healthy Bones And Teeth 

To attain a healthy body, it is important to feed a balanced mix of nutrients to the body. Vitamin D is one such vital nutrient that ensures development and maintenance of healthy bones and teeth. Vitamin D plays a big role in absorption of calcium and phosphorus from foods and also helps in building a sound immune system. Though, our body has the ability to produce Vitamin D naturally through sunlight, it still has to rely on external sources to fulfil the requirement. There are many foods that are rich in the ‘sunshine vitamin’ – vitamin D.

You will mostly find Vitamin D in dairy products like milk, eggs, fish and yogurt. If you realised, these foods form an essential part of one’s morning nutrition – a great way to kick off the day with a healthy dose of Vitamin D. So, here we list down some interesting breakfast ideas to get your fill of the essential Vitamin D nutrient.

Vitamin D-Rich Meals For Breakfast To Maintain Healthy Bones And Teeth

Cereals –

Breakfast cereals with added fruits and nuts are soaked in milk to present a sweet treat for a sweet start to the day. Pick any cereal of your choice, add in nuts like almonds and walnuts, and seeds like pumpkin seeds and chia seeds; and douse everything in a bowl of hot or cold milk.


Breakfast cereals are made up of milk, which is a good source of vitamin D

Omelettes –

Many people discard egg yolks to make egg dishes, which is not really a good practice. We agree that egg yolks contain a high amount of fats that is not good news for our waistline, but they also provide a good supply of vitamin D. Make an omelette with the egg yolks and enjoy a nutritious and a tasty breakfast.

Smoothies –

If you are not having a milk-based meal at the dawn of the day, pair your breakfast with a smoothie. This healthy drink is usually made by blending fruits, nuts and seeds with a good amount of yogurt. Yogurt not only fuels in vitamin D but also keeps you digestion system running smoothly.


Smoothie is made of fruits and vitamin d-rich yogurt

Mushroom Pasta –

Not a dairy product, mushrooms also contain an impressive amount of vitamin D. Make healthy pasta or macaroni with chopped mushrooms or mushroom sauce to take in a number of nutrients. Mushrooms, when cooked, turn creamy and soggy. This eliminates the need of oodles of cheese. So, make you pasta with a mix of mushrooms and milk and enjoy a vitamin D-rich meal.Prepare these delicious dishes as the first meal of the day for a vitamin D-rich diet and let your body build strong bones and teeth so that you live a healthy life.


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