We Snack Healthier and 6 Ways the American Diet Has Evolved

We Snack Healthier and 6 Ways the American Diet Has Evolved

We Snack Healthier and 6 Ways the American Diet Has Evolved

Even though there’s been concern over the alarmingly high rate of obesity in this country, the good news is, the American diet is constantly evolving. After all, 10 years ago, most of us didn’t even know what kale was! Parade Magazine recently released a comprehensive study called “What America Eats,” which analyzed the evolution of our eating habits over the past three decades. You can find the whole study here, but we’ve listed out seven of the most surprising facts about how our diet has changed.

1. We Snack Healthier. It’s no secret that Americans love snacking, but consumption of healthy snacks like fruit and nuts is on the rise, while sweets consumption is down six percent.

2. We Don’t Check Labels as Often. Less than half of us check our food labels, down from 65 percent in 1990. Maybe that’s why we’re trying to change our food labels.

3.Most of Us Try to Cut Back on Sugar. A whopping 67 percent of us are now trying to cut back on sugar, but looking at the nationwide obesity rate, the operative word here is “trying.”

4.More People Skip Dessert than Ever Before. Our dessert consumption has halved in the past three decades.

5.Gluten Concerns Are Actually Down This Year. Is the gluten-free craze finally simmering down? Between last year and 2014, gluten avoidance has dropped to 29 percent of adults.

6.We Love Hummus, but Not Toast. Survey says… our love of yogurt, hummus, and sandwiches is on the rise, but we definitely consume less soda, steak, and toast.

7.Americans Eat Out Less Often. Despite the fact that we’re constantly Instagramming and blogging about our favorite meals out, we eat out 25 fewer meals per year in 2014 than in 2000.



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