Weight loss: Size 20 Sheffield woman lost a whopping SEVEN stone following this diet plan

Weight loss:

Weight loss: PR

As soon as I began using the SlimFast products the weight started to come off

Claire Orridge

She saw an advert for SlimFast on TV and thought she’d give it a try.

Speaking about the diet plan, she said: “The plan looked simple and flexible plus you could eat up to six times a day – I remember thinking surely it couldn’t be that easy!

“As soon as I began using the SlimFast products the weight started to come off, I was thrilled.

“On a typical day I would have a chocolate shake for breakfast a meal replacement bar for lunch and a healthy 600 calorie meal, plus snacks. Within a year I had shed two stone and I was already feeling better.”

Weight loss: Slim FastPR

Weight loss: The 38-year-old used to be a size 20

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With her weight loss going well, everything looked rosy for Claire.

But in November 2015 the unimaginable happened; she tragically lost her brother Darren at the age of 39.

Speaking about the loss, she said: “It was the hardest thing to deal with and I took some time off to deal with it.”

After weight weeks, Claire had a new-found determination. She said: “I was going to make Darren proud of me and went back to SlimFast to continue my weight loss.

“I focused and started to track my activity, going to the gym as much as I could. I was enjoying the products, especially the chocolate Vitality shake, that’s my lifesaver!

“In the back of my head I knew I was doing it not just for myself but for Darren too.”

It comes after Heidi Klum revealed what she ate for breakfast to stay in shape and boost her health.

Weight loss: Claire nowPR

Weight loss: This picture shows Claire after her impressive weight loss

Over the next few months Claire started to lose weight and gain a more healthy attitude to eating.

She said: “I even had to request a new work uniform and people were noticing and commenting on my weight loss every day.

“To date I have lost 100lbs, going from over 18st and a size 18 to just over 10st and a size 10.

“I feel like a different person, bursting with energy and determined to make each and every day count.”

Claire’s current weight loss stands at over seven stone.

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