A Comprehensive Guide to Finding the Right Location for Your Commercial Gym

Whether you are planning to open a commercial gym or relocate your existing one, the location plays a vital role. The reason being the location will play a major role in attracting potential customers and deciding the success of your gym.

In this guide, we bring to you a few factors that need to be considered when it comes to choosing the best location for your gym.

1) Know Your Demographic

The most important factor in choosing a gym location is your target audience. The demographic can range from students to fitness enthusiasts, affluent people, or low-income groups. Each segment has different needs.

For instance, if you open a gym close to a college, you are more likely to attract students and young people and if you consider opening your gym near MNCs or commercial buildings you are sure to attract working professionals.

If you are looking forward to targeting the upper class, your gym needs to be in an affluent area along with a parking space to park their swanky cars, a valet parking service would make your gym stand out from the rest.

2) Understand the Concept of Visibility

Keep in mind that a location with high visibility and traffic is bound to attract more members. Although, the rent will be high. On the contrary, locations with poor visibility will have cheaper rent but low customer flow.

Here’s an example on how your profits will depend on it, if the expected number of clients doesn’t turn up initially, then the high rental will not keep you strong for a long time. This will make it difficult for the business to sustain.

Here’s a tip you can keep in mind, having a health club, a restaurant or salon close to your gym can help you get noticed along with some amazing walk-ins.

3) Consider Different Modes of Accessibility

To ensure maximum usage, you need to ensure that your gym is accessible by different modes of transport. Keep in mind that this factor goes hand in hand with your target audience.

Can clients access your gym by car? Then you might need ample parking space. If your gym is located in a residential space then most clients will need to walk in for the workout session. Does your gym have the right equipment and features to cater to people with disabilities? By answering this question, you can make better decisions.

4) Don’t Fail to do Your Market Research

Once you decide on your location, conduct a thorough market research. Get to know the existing competition in your area, and include everything from gyms to health clubs, yoga centers, and Zumba classes in your area.

Listed below are things you need to know about the competition:

  • How many years have they been in business?
  • Demographic of their clients
  • Number of members
  • Membership fees
  • Brand & quality of gym equipment
  • Number of staff
  • Are the trainers certified?

5) Gain a Competitive Edge

Lastly, it’s a good decision to open your gym at a location that is away from your competition. Even if you do open it near your competition, offering world-class gym equipment and fitness services will help your business gain an edge, attract new members and retain existing ones.

We hope you have gained some valuable insights from this blog. If you are planning on installing a state-of-the-art commercial gym, then get in touch with Fitness World – India’s leading fitness equipment brand. We feature a wide range of heavy-duty, world-class fitness equipment at affordable rates.


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