Cinnamon oil, curry leaf oil + 8 other essential oils to treat hair loss, indigestion, arthritis and more

essential oils for hair loss and more

Did you know you could use curry leaves to stop hair fall or that mogra and jasmine oils are excellent aphrodisiac? Well, all these essential oils have magical properties that can treat many trivial ailments. Here are some uses of different essential oils to treat flatulence, indigestion, stress and other ailments, suggested by Deepa Swaroop, a beauty expert.
Curry leaf oil: A tiny drop of this oil diluted with butter milk or juice, taken every morning can ease gastrointestinal issues. The oil also prevents hair loss, premature greying and maintains the hair’s natural colour.
Avocado cold pressed oil: Known for its regenerative and moisturising property, this oil works well for dehydrated and sun damaged skin. This moisturising effect works well on the hair too and can prevent rough and dull hair.
Turmeric oil: This essential oil is anti-inflammatory and provides relief from joint pain and arthritis. Ar-turmerone, a compound present in turmeric oil, is known to support the liver and keep it healthy and is helpful in curing skin ulcers at the same time.
Frankincense oil: The Frankincense oil is carminative (an agent that prevents or relieves flatulence) and prevents gas from building up in the stomach and also provides relief from other problems like sweating, uneasiness and indigestion. When applied topically or inhaled, it can make scars and boils fade much faster.
Fennel seed oil: This helps in relieving indigestion, stomach and chest pain. It also relieves women from the symptoms of premature menopause or obstructed menses by reducing the pain, dizziness and mood swings.
Petitgrain oil: This essential oil works as an antiseptic and fights infection by inhibiting bacterial growth. This oil being anti-spasmodic in nature, induces relaxation in the tissues, muscles, nerves, and blood vessels. The relaxing effect of the oil helps overcome depression and other problems such as anxiety, stress, anger and fear.
Mogra or Jasmine oil: This works more on the mental and emotional level and is excellent for fighting stress and depression. It is also an excellent aphrodisiac.
Cinnamon leaf oil: Cinnamon oil boosts the activity of the brain and helps lessen nervous tension and memory loss.
Cedar wood oil: When topically applied, cedar wood oil tightens loose muscles, making them fit and firm. It is said to have a calming effect on the nervous system too.
Carrot seed oil: When applied externally, carrot seed oil can cure skin infections and wounds. The anti-oxidants present in this essential oil repair a lot of the damages done to your tissues by oxidants and prohibit them from causing any further harm. Regular application can protect from muscular degeneration and sexual weakness.

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