What To Eat If You Have Naturally Oily Skin

Of all the little annoying things we deal with in life (crowded subways, filing our taxes, guac that costs extra,) having skin problems might be one of the worst. In particular, naturally oily skin can be a real pain in the a**. Those who suffer from it know the struggles of hoarding packs of blotting sheets at your desk and constantly powdering your T-zone as if your life depended on it. It really sucks. But we have some good news—you can eat your way to a less complicated complexion.

We asked Kat Burki, CEO and founder of Kat Burki Skincare, for her expert advice, and according to her, clearing up oily skin goes way beyond the beauty products, and is deep-rooted in your diet.

So what foods should you be adding your to grocery list? “Those with anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties to reduce over production of oil and the propensity for break-outs,” Burki says. I know that sounds intense, but don’t freak out. We’ve broken down Burki’s examples for you:

Something to remember when you’re browsing the produce section: the darker the color, the higher the anti-oxidant level.

For the best results, Burki suggests incorporating these foods into every meal, keeping dinner light and never after 8:00PM.


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