How to get long, silky smooth hair: Top 8 home remedies to stop hair fall, get healthy scalp

Hair growth

New Delhi: There’s a reason why a rough or disappointing time is called a bad hair day. It seems to have been coined after the frustration one faces after not being able to get the hair look right. All of us want a head full of shiny, silky and healthy hair. And when we cannot stem that hair fall or get the perfect cut, we often feel distressed.

Though naturally inheriting a healthy and shiny mane may be matter of genes and luck, one can strive to have a healthy scalp and tresses with a little care and regimen. Hair fall is not the beginning of the end of the story for your scalp. Find out about why we lose hair.

Causes of hair loss

1. Deterioration in the air quality, an increase in the pollution levels can affect the hair quality. The pollutants in the air, soil and surroundings can get to your hair and worsen their condition.

2. Indiscriminate use of chemicals, be it in shampoos, colours, dies, oils or even the water you wash your hair with – will ultimately cause hair fall.

3. Using hair irons, straighteners, blowers indiscriminately should be avoided as they lead to deterioration of the natural hair quality and at times, make the hair rough as well.

So, If you are someone who desires to have long, healthy and naturally thick hair, listed below are the top home remedies which can help you in your endeavour

Factors affecting hair growth

There exist many factors which affect hair growth in an individual

1. Hormones

2. Stress and anxiety

3. Age and diet of the person

4. Genetic factors

Primary signs of hair fall

1. One can feel the thinning of the scalp and hair fall may be one of the common signs

2. Loss of hair in circular patches

3. Heavy hair fall

4. Infections of the scalp

Eight best home remedies for hair growth

Reach out to a doctor who specialises in skin and hair care. Apart from the doctor’s treatment, check with him/her about using the below mentioned home remedies to fix that hair fall and grow long, smooth hair.

1. Amla

If you have to opt for any ingredient which is a natural immunity booster, then there exists no better option than amla. Amla also contains Vitamin C which prevents greying of hair before age.

How to use: Amla (dried powder, oil or raw fruit in pulp form)  can effectively be applied to the scalp one to two times a week. Amla oil should be properly massaged into our scalp for best results. Add amla powder or crushed amla to the henna you put on the head.

2. Onion Juice: Onion juice can prove to be effective in many ways. This juice can trigger hair growth in areas where excess hair loss might have taken place.

How to use: Onion must be properly blended and the juice must be applied on our scalp and must later be washed after an hour. The process must be followed twice a week.

3. Egg mask: It has been observed that using an egg mask for our scalp can effectively help in hair growth.

How to use: Extract the yolk of the egg and apply the yolk on your head and leave it for half an hour. Later, wash it using shampoo or cleanser. Do not use very hot water on the hair after applying the egg solution. Use lukewarm water. Egg contains proteins that aid hair growth. This can be done once a week.

4. Coconut Oil: Apart from providing shiny and dark hair, coconut oil help in hair growth. Coconut helps in reducing protein loss from our hair as well. Apply coconut oil to the scalp, massage lightly and leave overnight. Rinse next day, preferably with a shikakai and reetha solution or light shampoo.

How to use: Being used for centuries, coconut oil must be massaged properly on our scalp and may be left overnight or can be applied one hour before wash as well. Repeat this regimen once a week, preferably before your day off.

5. Aloe Vera: Aloe Vera yields the best result in promoting hair growth. Aloe Vera can add moisture to the scalp, reduce the level of dandruff. Aloe Vera must be applied throughout our scalp and washed off after a few hours. The process must be followed 3-4 times a week for best results.

6. Protein intake: One must increase their protein intake for proper hair growth. One must eat food rich in proteins which may include beans, eggs, fish, nuts etc.

7. Mind your diet: One must also eat food rich in iron (such as pumpkins, white beans, etc).

8. Probiotics are good: Yoghurt can play an effective role in hair growth as well. Said to be a rich source of probiotics, yoghurt can promote hair growth.

How to use: One needs to consume one yoghurt daily for best results.


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