What You Need To Know Before Starting Your New Year’s Diet

It’s going to be a journey. Embrace it.

I’m not sure about you, but around New Years it seems that everyone starts declaring which diet or detox they are going to start in January. You start to be bombarded with messages which tell you if you only eat carrot and celery for two weeks you’ll lose 5kg.

What these kinds of messages don’t disclose is that you’re also going to be a horrible person to be around. You’ll be starving, grumpy, and want to demolish a Woolworths aisle… Doesn’t sound so exciting now, does it? So today I want to share with you five things I think you need to know before you lose weight.

It won’t make you feel more worthy.

The amount of times I have heard people say “I’ll do that when I lose 5kg” or “I’ll be happy when I reach my goal weight” is unbelievable. You are worthy of what you want now, and you’ll just be as worthy when you reach your ideal weight. Don’t wait for things until you get there.

You’re not automatically going to love yoga just because it’s January.

You won’t instantly transform into an amazingly happy human

Great, you’ve reached your goal, and no doubt worked incredibly hard to get there. But guess what? Instant happiness is not yours for the taking. Don’t wait until you reach your goal to be happy. Be happy now because life is awesome and you’re awesome.

It’s going to be a journey. Embrace it.

There’s going to be ups and downs, and that’s okay. Keep your eye on your goal and be flexible. Focus on nourishing yourself because you want to nourish your body out of love, not because you’re trying to change it to something it’s not. If you do slip up, be okay with the fact that you’re human. Just make your next meal extra nourishing.

Just throw them out.

Don’t weigh yourself.

There’s so much more to you than the weight of your body. A lot of my clients find they don’t lose much weight but their clothes start hanging off them and they feel amazing. Why? Because they gained lean muscle, and lost fat, which is exactly what we want.

When you rely on your weight, you don’t take into consideration water content, muscles mass and fat. If you want to get a bit more scientific, you can get a dexa scan, which takes all of this into account.

Change your goal

Instead of focusing on achieving a goal weight, why not change your goal to moving your body a certain number of times a week, nourishing your body from the inside out, and loving yourself.

You will feel so much better.


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