Russell Simmons is opening a luxurious yoga studio (and he’ll do a class with you)

Image result for Russell Simmons is opening a luxurious yoga studio (and he'll do a class with you)Russell Simmons is opening a luxurious yoga studio (and he'll do a class with you)
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Russel Simmons

Hip hop impresario Russell Simmons is set to add yoga guru to his already impressive résumé. Tonight we find out if the Def Jam founder will have another hit on his hands when he opens his new West Hollywood yoga center, Tantris.

Obviously, everything at Russell Simmons’ yoga studio is just a little bigger and, dare we say, flashier than even some of the best yoga studios we’ve seen before. The Tantris Yoga Center itself is only one part of the Tantris lifestyle brand, which also includes a fitness apparel line which is, conveniently, sold at the on-site retail location.

Tantris’ space occupies multiple floors of same building as SoHo House’s WeHo location. The shop is on the ground floor and, above, patrons will find locker rooms (with special pH-balanced showers), lounges and a studio room with infrared heating for warm and hot yoga classes. Everything seeks to blend luxury amenities with eco-friendly design. Every class is soundtracked with custom playlists, which, given the ownership, we have to assume will be pretty good.

After your yoga class—which you booked using Tantris’ iPhone app, of course—grab some refreshments from the juice bar by Clover Juice or get fixed up at a blow-dry bar featuring the Jessica Alba-backed Honest Beauty product line.

A single class at Tantris runs $28; a gold membership with unlimited classes is $275 per month. To celebrate the opening, they are running a $99 month of unlimited yoga. Once a week, the studio will offer a “Karma Class” for the community, though the details of exactly what that will mean have not been announced.

Lest you think Simmons’ himself is just a celebrity dilettante when it comes to this yoga thing, you can reserve to join him for the signature Tantris class being held on Friday at 6pm. (Is Russell the new Richard?!) He’s been involved with yoga since 1994 and has become an avid devotee of Jivamukti yoga, in particular.


The Tantris Center for Yogic Science is located at 9200 Sunset Boulevard in West Hollywood. Classes are offered from 6:30am to 9pm daily, schedule available online. 


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