Monday Motivation: This simple 7-day detox diet plan will help you lose weight and belly fat fast

A simple, healthy and affordable 7-day detox diet can help strengthen the metabolism, cleanse the body and remove unwanted toxins from the system, boosting your weight loss efforts.

Follow this 7-day detox diet plan to lose weight and flatten your tummy fast

Follow this 7-day detox diet plan to lose weight and flatten your tummy fast

New Delhi: Losing weight can prove to be a real headache and stress factor, even with the most well-designed plan – especially when there is an event coming up and less time is left. In such situations, experts suggest that one should consider following a simple, healthy and affordable 7-day detox diet. This actually strengthens the metabolism, helps cleanse the body and remove unwanted toxins from the system, boosting your weight loss efforts.

However, for most people, the thought of going on a 7-day detox diet to get rid of that stubborn belly fat can be incredibly daunting. Perhaps, the sacrifice of cutting out caffeine, sugar and refined carbs can seem overwhelming. Making small changes before jumping into a detox diet can be helpful.

7-day detox diet plan for weight loss  

7-day detox diet plan for weight loss

This easy-to-follow 7-day detox diet plan crafted by Dr Manjari Chandra, Consultant for Functional Nutrition at Daivam Wellness, will help you lose weight and leave you even feeling healthier. Try to follow this for 7 days to get maximum benefits.

Detox Breakfast Recipes

When on a diet, breakfast is considered the most important meal of the day. You can choose from the following recipes to fill up your week.

Fruit salad: Fruits are your savior during the 7-day diet plan. Choose any number of seasonal and fresh fruits including apples, bananas, pears, oranges, grapefruit, pineapple, mango, kiwi fruit, strawberries, raspberries, peaches, watermelons, etc, to make your salad.

Banana-yogurt porridge: Mix banana, yogurt, dry fruits, unsweetened honey and water for a healthy porridge.

Oats-fruits porridge: You can sprinkle oats over your fruit salad and top it with honey or natural yogurt. Throw in some flax seeds or chia seeds for an extra detox cleanse to give your weight loss plan a boost.

Healthy smoothies: Use a number of fruits, low-cal vegetables, berries, yogurt, non-dairy kinds of milk, and unsweetened honey to make a variety of smoothies. These will keep you full for a long period of time.

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Detox Lunch And Dinner Recipes

Unlike breakfast, lunch and dinner should be on the lighter side, avoiding as many carbs as possible. Fresh vegetables and lentils should be given priority here.

Vegetable stew with lentils: Sauté a lentil of your choice with your favorite vegetables, ginger garlic, salt and pepper in extra virgin olive oil. Add water. You can add herbs like coriander and parsley as well.

Black and Red rice with vegetables: You can steam vegetables with fresh herbs. Add in some crushed pumpkin seeds and almonds. Add boiled brown rice. Drizzle some extra virgin olive oil for taste.

Fish or chicken meals: Take a piece of fish or chicken and sauté it with extra virgin oil. Add herbs and mild spices. Dress it will salt, pepper and lemon juice. Lightly sautéed or boiled green beans can become a side for this dish.

Detox Snacks

To avoid hunger pangs in the middle of the day, you can have fresh fruit salads, yogurt-strawberry-honey snack, plain unsalted popcorn or a handful of dry fruits. Remember to stay extra hydrated during a detox diet. For this, herbal teas, water, and freshly made fruits juice are the best. Avoid the intake of gluten, dairy products, street foods, alcohol, too much sugar, oils, and spices to yield optimal results.


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