STRONGER THAN YESTERDAYDo YOU want to tone up like Britney Spears? Her diet and exercise secrets revealed

IT’S hard to believe popstar Britney Spears is now 35, because the mum-of-two is in a better shape than ever.

If you want to tone up like Britney, these are her exercise and diet secrets.

 Britney Spears is 35 years old, but she's in better shape than ever before

Britney Spears is 35 years old, but she’s in better shape than ever before
 Pictured in 2007, Britney wasn't always as toned as she is now

Pictured in 2007, Britney wasn’t always as toned as she is now

Britney famously sang “You want a hot body? You better work, bitch” and it seems she is really living by that motto these days.

The 90s’ icon works out every single day and does a combination of cardio and light weight lifting – and posts the evidence on her Instagram page.

While she told Shape magazine she does two 90-minute yoga classes a week, and credits the stretch classes with keeping her toned. These are her favourite poses.

A quick scan of Britney’s Instagram page reveals she’s a big fan of press up, squats, pull-ups and sit-ups (doing up to 1,000 a day of the latter).

The good news is, all these exercises can be done at home, without any need for pricey gym memberships.

Britney first wowed with her toned bod in 2015, ahead of a new residency in Las Vegas.

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