Weight loss: 8 signs your body is telling you to have more calories

01/9Are you eating right?

Exercising and following a restricted diet is the ultimate way to lose weight. Only the perfect combination of the two can make you lose weight fast and in an effective manner. But at times people do not realize it and cut down on too many calories with the belief that it will expedite their weight loss plan. But this is just a myth. Restricting calories too much almost always backfires and can stall your weight loss plan.

Here are 8 ways your body is telling you to eat more calories:


If you are constantly suffering from constipation, that simply means that your body is asking you to have more food. Constipation is the first sign our body shows when it needs you to have more calories and healthy carbs for generating energy. If you’re not eating enough, you may not be getting enough fiber, which is important for keeping your digestive system moving along.


If you have suddenly started to feel feeble and lacks the energy to complete your day-to-day task, then it is probably because you are not having enough calories. It is time to get up and prepare some meal for yourself. A simple meal like dal and rice, which is packed with protein can also help you feel energetic again.

04/9Hair fall

Hair fall is another sign that indicates that your diet is not appropriate. Though hair fall and weight loss are interlinked, but too much of it is worrisome. Many nutrients are required to maintain normal, healthy hair growth and lack of these nutrients can lead to hair loss.

05/9Feeling cold

If you are following a weight loss diet plan and are feeling colder than you usually do, then it is time to re-evaluate the food you are having. This is because our body needs to burn a certain number of calories to create heat and maintain comfortable body temperature.

06/9Falling sick too often

Blame lack of nutrition if you are falling sick more often. Giving up on essential food groups like carbs and fat can also make you deprive of other micronutrients. This can affect your immunity and you will fall sick easily and frequently.

07/9Trouble in sleeping

Are you not able to fall asleep at night? Well, it may be because you are starving yourself. Nutritional deficiency can lead to sleeplessness. Sleep and hunger are linked and sleeping on half-filled stomach might hinder your good night sleep.

08/9Stopped losing weight

If you are following your usual diet and workout routine but are not seeing much difference, then it is time to see what is wrong with your diet plan. Recheck your diet and eat more wholesome and nutritious food to accelerate your weight loss process.

09/9Mood swing

If you always feel cranky and have unpredictable mood swings then it might be because you are hangry (hungry + angry). If you are trying to lose weight you need to limit your calories just enough to slim down not to alter your mood.


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